Monday, February 6, 2012

skytrex adventure.awesome!

ok kali ni xnak citer psl jodoh.darlene dah pesan jgn risau psl jodoh.yeah u are right!muda lagi kan.kan?kan?

ok this entry i really excited to tell u about our journey to accomplished skytrex adventure.So on a blessed Saturday morning, we made our way to Taman Pertanian Malaysia located at Shah Alam. We signed up for Big Thrill Adventure which involving "26 thrilling challenges with various level of difficulty raging from
“easy“ to “very difficult“. With some of the platforms reaching the height of 17 meters, feel the adrenaline while crossing the “Crazy Zig-Zag“ and flying on the “Sky-crawl“ at the Bermuda Triangle. Hold your breath while crossing “The Earthquake“, test your ability to leap at the “Happy Hopper“ and end the adventure with the grand finale, the 100 meters “Wild Revenge“ which will take you to the finishing platform at an exhilarating speed
 we have to ride an open air shuttle bus to Skytrex venue. Once arrived, we have to fill up a registration form in case of anything happens, they can contact a person that we mentioned in a form. and if anything happens to me, do remember how good I was as a daughter--->wasiat kepada ayah and emak.hehe.
then, initiation circuit and briefing, the dos and don’ts by one of the instructors. after that, the journey has began.haha.but i feel sorry cos i didn't captured any pics while we are struggled up there. so i can share u photos that i took from other website.
It was my first ever experienced doing flying fox, climb up 17 metres tree and whatsoever. and all that i can say was a fantastic experienced! u have to try it. believe me.
mission accomplished!! it took about 2 hours to finish the circuit. dan sesungguhnya kami PUAS!!yeay....

Friday, February 3, 2012

i am going to freeze

i am back.

hahahahahaha.x kelakar pon.

xtau nak update mind is going to freeze coz duduk bawah aircond yang cam haram sejuk nye.malas nak amek remote untuk tukar suhu ke paras air mendidih.biar jelah aku beku di sini.hahahaha.lagi x kelakar.
ape ye nak update?korang ade idea x?apa kata korg je yang update blog aku?hahahaha mungkin kelakar.

ek eh tak sangka dah masuk bulan 2 tahun 2012 sekarang ni. 2012?year of nightmare for me. my age is crawling step by step to reach 26. oh i still young?please say yes..please..please..huhu. soalan bila nak kahwin xpyh tanya la berapa kali aku disoal?bila org soal tuh..aku rasa cam tumbukan mike tyson kena pada muka aku.hoi berdesing oi..berbaldi-baldi dah soalan tuh aku terima.kalo timbang mau sampai 8.5 kilo.

2012.many of my frens are getting married. lots of invitations. then i just prayed for their happiness. hopefully will last forever. and i hope for myself too. thats my goal for this year.kalau x jumpa jodoh jugak, xpelah..yakin je kdg2 Allah xkan bg apa yg kita dia akan bg apa yg terbaik utk kita. so i'm okay with it.somehow.

so lets cheer up.xbest la sedey2 ni kan.jom mulakan gerakan mencari jodoh.euwwww~

ek eh just nak buat advance update.sok aku nak g skytrex kt taman pertanian shah i will story morry to u olsss the experience dat i will get.